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Homecoming Game Set For Thursday By Carver Trojans, Wednesday, November 7, 1956

1956 Carver Heights Trojans Football Archives
Homecoming Game Set For Thursday By Carver Trojans, Wednesday, November 7, 1956

Carver Heights Trojans vs. Fernandina Peck Wolves, High School Football Game

Homecoming Game Set For Thursday By Carver Trojans

By Sports Staff
The Daily Commercial
Wednesday, November 7, 1956
Updated: Thursday, August 20, 2015, 12:46 p.m.

Coach Hubert Dabney's Carver Heights High Trojans return home this week to celebrate Homecoming against the Peck High Wolves of Fernandina.

The Trojans unofficially won the Central Florida Athletic Conference last week when they virtually ran Cocoa off the field by the score of 64-0. The homecoming opponent is a member of the Northeast Athletic Conference and will be paying their first visit to Leesburg.

Since little is known here concerning the Wolves, Dabney and his staff have been constantly drilling the Trojans, injecting several new patterns, checking blocking assignments and giving them the overall works.

The staff feels that these things were necessary because of the fear that "big-headedness" may take over since the fellows have gone undefeated in conference play and only one loss chalk against them for the season.

The Trojans Homecoming Parade will be Thursday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. featuring six big bands and floats of all kind. The parade will start from Lake and Pine streets and then move down town. These activities will then be culminated by the game between the Wolves and the Trojans.

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